Best Savannah Walking Tour

Liza DiMarco June 27, 2023

What Is The Best Way To Explore Savannah?

When visiting Savannah there are so many options for sightseeing – from trolley tours, boat tours, ghost tours, and walking tours it can be hard to choose. Even harder of a choice can be choosing what time to go on a tour, and often they can be full which potentially means missing out. We have a new way for you to have an amazing tour on your own schedule all at your own pace.
Savannah is one of the most visited cities in the South, and we are not keeping it secret! Whether you want to preview before coming or use this tour to go through the many years of rich history, it can all be found at your fingertips.

Head Down To River Street

As a Savannah native, we love a good walking tour to get that up close and personal feel of the rich beauty of this city. Nothing compares to hearing the history, admiring the architecture of the buildings, and feeling the beauty, it is truly a fully immersive experience.
This is why we are so excited to share with you Here you can find a virtual tour created by a licensed tour guide who has completed over 500 walking tours, so you can be sure it is chock full of historical facts and folklore alike.

Why We Are Loving This Tour

In this tour, you will find historical facts from 19 stops and 286 years of history! The website includes a stop-by-stop natural progression through the route with videos and a 360 view of things to see at each of the stops. The 360 view at each stop covers all the important things you will not want to miss including placards, monuments, and even photos of movies shot right here in Savannah. This tour is all-inclusive with all the fine-tuned details of a professional tour because it was created by a licensed professional tour guide.
This is perfect for every visitor.
Savannah Virtual Tour

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