Diamond Hour at Sobremesa

Liza DiMarco September 19, 2022

Named Sobremesa which literally means “over the table,” is the perfect name for this new Savannah wine bar. The longer, looser translation is, “that time spent after a meal, hanging out with family or friends, chatting and enjoying each other’s company”. The ‘Tagline’ on their sign says WINE | FOOD | EXPERIENCE, which emphasizes the loose translation and true spirit of the name. Located in the former retail spot of Urban Poppy and nestled in Thomas Square, this new bar is the brainchild of New England transplants, Guinn McMillion and Ryan Robeiro.
Wanting to try out something fun and artsy, The Diamond Squad decided to have our latest diamond hour at Sobremesa. It is a perfect romantic venue for the wine lover in search of a new Savannah gem. It has an intimate atmosphere with plush banquettes, a stunning bar, and a unique selection of wines. This is an ideal destination for anyone in search of a great glass of vino. The light menu features charcuterie boards, snacks, and desserts that compliment the wine and are perfect for sharing. We selected the dip trio (pictured above), which is a combination of delicious dipping options served with fresh crackers and bread. To our delight, the trio featured chipotle garlic, spanakopita and beet, all with a chickpea base. Unanimously, the chipotle garlic was everyone’s favorite and we are now going to have to try and recreate it at home.
Everyone ordered a wine to sip on and it was hard to choose due to the wide assortment offered on the menu. A major highlight of this bar is that they offer a three-ounce pour option so you can try more of a variety during your visit. This lounge is a wine connoisseur’s dream. One of the standout wines we sampled was the Tempranillo from Toro, Spain. The diamonds are not Sommeliers, but enjoy the occasional glass, and would say it was full-bodied with notes of ripe fruit and 5/5 ????? diamonds in our squad’s opinion. We will be back for more tastings!


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