Diamond Hour the Wyld Dock Bar

Liza DiMarco June 14, 2023

The New Diamond Squad Is At It Again!

The Diamond Squad visited The Wyld Dock Bar on Tuesday, June 13th! What a fun experience – a mild thunderstorm rolled through just as we arrived but that didn’t dampen our spirits. We enjoyed the breezy and casual atmosphere and sampled the delicious American fare, including spicy fish tacos, pulled pork tacos, lightly salted watermelon with basil and juicy shrimp. Classic margaritas rounded out the meal as we relaxed and engaged in lively conversation.
The Wyld Dock Bar
The ‘new’ Diamond Squad chose The Wyld Dock Bar as our first unique experience of Savannah’s most popular and local favorite places. Located at the end of Livingston Ave after the LaRoche roundabout, the Wyld Dock Bar is also accessible by boat on Country Club Creek. The vast views of the rich green marshes and glassy, calm water adds to the airy and laid-back atmosphere. Instant relaxation is the natural result of sitting at a table with your family and friends and enjoying savory coastal fare and tasty cocktails.
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