The Secret’s Out! Favorite Speakeasies and Lounges in Savannah

Liza DiMarco September 5, 2023

The Peacock Lounge @peacockloungesav

Opulent and richly decorated, the Peacock Lounge is a local favorite ‘exclusive’ lounge located in the heart of downtown Savannah in the lower level of the Flok To The Wok restaurant. The ambiance is jazzy and enchanting, which matches the variety of curated cocktails offered, including the Signature Cocktail, the Blood Orange Martini!
The cool, speakeasy vibe attracts a sophisticated crowd. Summertime cocktails that will tickle your tastebuds include ‘Birds Of A Feather’ (tropical flavors) and Hotel Nacional (Caribbean classic with a sweet finish). Non-alcoholic cocktails are offered as well – the ‘mocktails’ are very tasty and made with high quality ingredients.

Mata Hari Speakeasy (It’s a Secret)

The best part of speakeasies is the secrecy and the hunt to find them. It gives you an adventure before you even get to the party. In an unmarked, unexpected and dimly lit location you will find this private club. As you knock on the door, a small window slides open and the eyeballs staring out ask for the key or the secret code. No key or secret code, no entry.
Mata Hari’s is located in downtown Savannah on River Street and can be difficult to find. Once you actually find the location, you will be led down a flight of steep stairs, so watch your step if you had a little bit too much to drink. When you reach the bottom, you will flip a switch on the wooden door in front of you and someone will ask for the key or a secret code.
Inside, you will be transported back to the 1920’s. The bar and entertainment staff are dressed in period clothing, which adds to the fun and mysticism of this hidden speakeasy. The bounteous Martini list includes Absinthe, which is the signature libation. For entertainment, you can watch a live Burlesque show, or you can sit comfortably on one of the plush velvet sofas and people-watch all night long.

Congress Street Up @congressstreetup

Perched next to Ellis Square in the City Market, Congress Street Up is located upstairs in the American Prohibition Museum and has been designed to embody an authentic 1920s speakeasy bar. Complete with tin punch ceiling and parquet floors, this speakeasy consists of wooden and brick back bars, period music and costumed bartenders.
Would you like that shaken, or stirred? To learn how to create 1920’s drinks, certified bartenders will teach you how make classic cocktails while discovering the history behind them. Learn new skills, enjoy your creations, and show off your newly acquired talents by playing bartender!

Lone Wolf Lounge @lonewolfsav

Tucked away in an unassuming gray building on Lincoln Street in the Starland District, the Lone Wolf Lounge is a neighborhood favorite. Lone Wolf Lounge is a sister bar of Sea Wolf Tybee. Both locations serve unique Southern fare to include oysters, fried chicken and hot dogs. Even vegan fare can be found on the menu.
Lone Wolf Lounge hosts dinner parties and makes the most unique pairings like ‘Fried Chicken and Champagne.’ Often, local breweries are invited to participate in the dinner parties, which melds interesting pairings like summer sausage and beer.
Cocktails are uniquely crafted and Lone Wolf bartenders often collaborate with other local bartenders to create specialty drinks like the Brazilian Caipirinha.
Imbued with the local culture, cuisine and musical flare, Savannah night spots offer the locals and tourists an exciting experience! Hidden-in-plain-sight lounges and speakeasies are a great way to have an adventure!
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