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Savannah Property Taxes

Liza DiMarco August 28, 2023

What’s Up With Savannah Property Taxes?!!

If you own property in Savannah, GA, you have likely seen some hefty property tax hikes recently and may have been surprised.
I have received many calls on this situation with the property taxes.

What is going on exactly?

The county says that due to increased costs, especially for the school districts, they decided to leave the millage rates the same instead of roll them back as in the previous year which would have left the property taxes the same.
For those with Stephens-Day Exemption, this increase is not as high as for those without the exemption. For those without the exemption, they saw an increase of at least 10% in those taxes.
“Property taxes are calculated using a property’s assessed value or 40% of the fair market value, which is determined by county assessors and fluctuates based on the market activity. The millage represents $1 for every $1,000 in taxable value or the assessed value. For properties in the Chatham Area Transit Authority’s service district – which includes the City of Savannah, unincorporated Chatham County and parts of Garden City – there is an additional millage of 1.056 mills.” – Courtesy of Savannah Now

Appeal Your Taxes!

If you do make the appeal, please let me know how the process goes.
There are ways to get your taxes reduced by the appeal:
1.) You can do it yourself here: Georgia Department of Revenue. This site has all the instructions and forms you would need. I will interject that you might want to research each thoroughly.
2.) You can enlist the assistance of an attorney to get the process moving along properly, efficiently and with less stress and time. There are many attorneys who can assist. I have two with Weiner, Shearouse, Weitz, Greenberg & Shawe: Bill Glass and Stuart Halpern would be your go-to attorneys to assist you.
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