STVR Update: Lawsuit Filed

Liza DiMarco October 11, 2022


CALL TO ACTION from The Tybee Alliance

The Tybee Alliance is a coalition of local business and residents in support of property rights and the positive impact of vacation rentals on the community of Tybee Island.
On October 5th, 2022 The Alliance put out a statement below,
” After months of collective effort to negotiate in good faith with Tybee Island officials, we feel that no substantial progress has been made. Moreover, we have no faith that further fruitless negotiations will prove beneficial to our effort to protect property rights, subvert government overreach, and safeguard a vital foundation of the Tybee Island economy. ”

The Tybee Alliance filed a lawsuit against the City of Tybee Island challenging the legality of existing Short-term Vacation Rental ordinances.

Filed in the Superior Court of Chatham County, the lawsuit seeks injunctive relief and declaratory judgment to defend property rights and stop the abuses heaped upon STR owners by the City. The lawsuit specifically petitions the Court to declare the existing ordinances invalid and unenforceable because they are inconsistent with the Constitution, the Georgia Code, and the City’s Charter. Should the City Council enact further unlawful restrictions, the alliance will add the problematic amendments to the lawsuit they filed.
After over a year of a moratorium on permits for STR’s, the City is now only one vote away from adopting even further unnecessary and arbitrary restrictions. The City has already amended its STR ordinance eight times since it was initially adopted in 2016. Enough is enough!
For more information about The Tybee Alliance Click Here
For the City Council Meeting Agenda, Minutes, Videos:
→ Council Recording
 Moratorium Resolution
As a Real Estate Agent of 25 years and property owner on Tybee Island, I care about property rights and I am here to answer questions and provide clarity on what is happening on our local Island. If you are interested in potentially owning property on Tybee Island or consider this an issue, speak up and let the City Council hear from you.

City Contact Information:

Shirley Sessions – [email protected]
Council Members
Brian West – [email protected] 
Barry Brown – [email protected] 
Nancy DeVetter – [email protected] 
Jay Burke – [email protected] 
Michael “Spec” Hosti – [email protected] 
Monty Parks – [email protected]
City Staff:
City Manager: Shawn Gillen – [email protected] 
City Attorney: Bubba Hughes – [email protected] 
Clerk of Council: Jan LeViner – [email protected] 
Planning & Zoning Director: George Shaw – [email protected] 
Planning Commission: 

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