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Diamond Hour at Arsdley Station

Liza DiMarco August 25, 2022

Located in beautiful Ardsley Park at 102 E. Victory Drive, this neighborhood restaurant operated by proprietor Tyler Kopas, delighted all the Diamonds. We were seated at a lovely table looking out onto their patio. It was lunchtime, so no cocktails for us. Everyone enjoyed a true southern treat, sweet tea classically served with an ice tea spoon! However, the drink menu looks fun and creative with hand-crafted “station libations”. We will be back for the much-raved-about happy hour. Word is the drink “Don’t Mess With Beth” is the highest rated in the reviews and a must-try.

Local and Fresh

Ardsley Station prides itself in working with local farmers here in Savannah and South Carolina. They source the finest products the small farms have to offer, doing their part in supporting the local community.
All of the menu items we sampled were incredible and had a bit of a twist. Starting with the Deviled Eggs with IPA mustard, which were, honestly, to die for. A delicious classic reminiscent of a family barbecue yet with an upscale quality. We also sampled the Spicy Grilled Steak Salad, Chicken Chop Salad, Shrimp and The Chimichurri Aioli topped Fried Green Tomato B.L.T. The fries were seasoned to perfection and not a single one was left on the plate.
The atmosphere here is lively yet not loud or crowded. It has a familiar, comfortable and welcoming feel that makes you want to return over and over again. The décor is light and airy with approachable clean feeling, plus outdoor seating suitable for any group or occasion. The Diamond Squad rates Ardsley Station 5/5 ? Diamonds!

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