Favorite Outdoor Dining Places

Liza DiMarco September 19, 2023

When visiting Savannah there are plenty of things to experience while here, and the food scene is a must on our list of recommendations. The Southern Hospitality mindset is not lost on the food creators here as you will experience the slow charm that envelops the Southern Coast. Whether starting the day off with brunch or if you need to create a break in your excursions about the city any of these restaurants are sure to delight you. There is a saying that suggests to eat where the locals eat, so enjoy a beverage, small plate or coastal view at one of our locals favorite outdoor venues.

Desposito’s Seafood Restaurant @despositosseafood


Refreshed Local Favorite In Thunderbolt

For decades Desposito’s was a local place to eat, watch a NASCAR race, meet up for a drink and now it is making a comeback to merge old memories with the new ones to be created. The very large patio and horseshoe shaped open bar is a welcomed addition to accomodate more guests. It is great to note that all of the original recipes are being used to add nostalgia and the menu will be doubled to add fried foods, more appetizers, and shareable plates. People from near and far have shared time here over the many years Carlo Desposito was operating, and the new owner has worked diligently to showcase memorabilia and share plenty of stories from its many patrons. With the Savannah Bend Marina and Thunderbolt public boat ramp nearby it is easily accessible by boat.

Brochu’s Family Tradition @brochus_restaurant


New In The Starland District

A stop at Brochu’s will provide any visitor with the feeling of having a delicious family meal with the enjoyment of a laid back atmosphere and attentive service. Chicken served almost every way possible known to man, mixed with fresh seafood creates a dining experience that is the best of all the food worlds. Perfectly placed in the Starland District, which is home to a lot of the beauty in downtown allows you to fully immerse yourself in the arts scene we are well known for here. And let’s be honest, we all need a little nostalgia and wonder every once in a while. Calling ahead for reservations is highly recommended.

The Wyld Dock Bar @thewylddockbar


Relaxing and Jovial Atmosphere

A local favorite is The Wyld offering delicious fare, a cool breeze and always a great time. Access this native gem by boat at a private dock or arrive by land with ample parking spaces available. The cuisine consists of seafood, and fresh ideas with a New American spin. Catch the sunset, stunning river views and maybe even some live music on your stop here. This is a beautiful place that makes it very possible for time to slip away here while taking in the beautiful marsh surroundings.

The Collins Quarter @thecollinsquarter


The ‘It’ Place for Sunday Brunch

The Collins Quarter offer two locations, one located in the historic district and one in beautiful Forsyth Park, each with their own charm. Part of living in the south is enjoying the outdoors, and doing so while sipping a delicious beverage and delighting in an amazing brunch is our favorite way to start the day. The downtown location is perfectly placed for a stop during a stroll through town for lunch and on select days there is an opportunity for dinner service. As Forsyth Park is a must see in visiting Savannah, GA the Collins Quarter Forsyth offers an experience to be surrounded by beautiful trees and the infamous hanging moss that covers them.
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